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Feel free to read on & learn a little bit more about me.

Hey 👋 I’m Ev. And I’m a content creator and creative entrepreneur. And I’ve been writing daily on the Internet for the past 3 years.

But before that, I was a washed up, worn out wannabe creator leaving a wake of unfinished creative projects strewn across the internet.

How did I go from wannabe to prolific content creator?

I threw out all the usual content advice you see on the internet and discovered how to use my ultimate creative source (my spark) to ignite a world of unlimited content ideas & energy.

Now I help other creators escape the endless content treadmill & build a daily 'Spark Practice' that fuels them & their content.

And that’s where this newsletter comes in.

Every week I write about practical ways to build your own personal creator knowledge system - I call it The Spark Creator System.

❌ This isn’t just another content creation system.

Most ‘content systems’ tend to have a heavy focus on the production of content. And so you end up feeling like a lifeless machine that just pumps out content constantly.

The Spark Creator System on the other hand focuses on following your interests & curiosities (I call them sparks) and building them into a knowledge bank that is so embedded as a part of you that content ends up spilling out all over the place.

It’s the same system that has fueled my content & my creative energy for the past 3 years. I’ve published hundreds of thousands of words as a result, built an audience and an income to sustain my curious ways.

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Who Am I?

My name is Ev. I’m a content creator & creative entrepreneur. In 2021 I started writing online & haven’t stopped.

In the past year alone I have created:

  • 6000 Social Media Posts

  • 120+ Essays, Articles & Videos

  • 352k Eyes on my content

  • 13,200 New Humans In My Tribe

  • $38k In Creator Revenue

  • 3,800 Customers For My Digital Products

So I guess I know a thing or two about creating content at scale (that still feels fun and sustainable) 😉. I hope we’ll be friends!

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Ev Chapman

I help creators escape the endless content treadmill & build a daily 'Spark Practice' that unlocks their unique knowledge & turns it into unlimited content. Founder Tana Fast Track & Tana Academy.